Hi! my name is Triana.

First let me say  I am thrilled to have you as a visitor and I hope one day we will get the chance to meet, share stories and become great friends.

I would like to share with you a little bit about my website and what I am all about .

I live in South Florida, but I would love to travel . If you live outside of Florida or even out side of the US, IT WOULD BE AN ABSOLUTE JOY TO MEET YOU AND TELL YOUR STORY.

I love people and I believe that everyone has a story to tell. All stories are unique and special in there own way.


I started playing with photography ever since I was a little girl.

Since then I have grown a passion for photography not as a gear head but as someone who loves to freeze time and the unexpected that the tool brings each time. Don't get me wrong I love technology but I am a simple girl who enjoys a little bit of complexity, when needed .... I feel the '' photographer'' term is so overrated because everyone can be a photographer I'd like to think of myself more as a storyteller/creative and allow the photographs to be the true voice.  


Every time I shoot not only do I get the chance to tell someone else's story but my own life is being woven through it all. I believe in what I do, I love relationship.

I believe that having a personal relationship with my clients is key...

Im not the kind of person to want to keep you as just a client, but I hope that our time together will bring out a beautiful friendship.


A little bit about my style. When I was a kid I used to watch the classic films, black and whites etc I loved the outfits, the elegance women had, the poise the character, the beauty and reverence. The men were well groomed, handsome, charming and flattering and respectful. These things stood out to me and ever since I have welcomed these inspirations into my shooting style.

 I will coach you and give you opportunities to be yourself, I will help you grow through the awkwardness and leave you with an urgency for affection for one another / feeling more secure and confident leaving you with beautiful timeless photos and timeless memories you will cherish for a life time 


I love people, Jazz, old & dramatic films, B-roll, fashion, Coffee, food, traveling, adventures, old things,nature. I give all the glory to who am today and the inspiration for what and why I do to my father Jesus Christ. 


I would love to meet you and get to know you before our session and allow your tale to unfold in its natural beauty with as a little guess work.