Hi! My name is Triana- 

I am the founder & creator of  Triana Rose Photography


 I am a professional wedding & Lifestyle photographer and photography fanatic! I have been obsessed with capturing life’s special moments ever since I was little, and I have grown professionally through demonstrating my worth on many occasions and on countless events throughout the area! I founded Triana Rose Photography with the goal of sharing my skill and experience with the good people of the community, and providing each of my clients with timeless  photography! Hire me just about anywhere in the area of the city and Delray Beach, FL, you will not regret it!

Why choose me?

I love traveling! No matter where you need me, I will always arrive on time and bring my best photographic equipment with me on all occasions! My passion for the craft has led me through many different phases and drove me to experiment a lot and find my true style! I am very versatile with my work.!

Why trust me?

It is my belief that if you love doing something, you will always strive to find ways to do it better! I always try to discover new and exciting ways to capture my client’s special moments, and to leave all of my clients happy, however big their requirements may be!

With Triana Rose Photography, you can rest assured your special day will be captured on camera, and I will meet your needs effectively! I am all for delivering the finest quality to my clients in the areas of the city and Delray Beach, FL, and I never shy away from a challenge!



What do I offer?

I provide my clients with an on-point professional wedding photography service! Hire me to capture your weddings and lifestyle, I will provide you with professional anniversary photography, and more!

My services include - Weddings, Lifestyle ( Women, Music , Family, Anniversary, Engagement, Human/Nature & Conceptual  ) 


When/Why would you need me?

As your professional Wedding/ Lifestyle photography service provider, I will never overcharge you or place any hidden rates in any of my services! I believe that everyone deserves only the finest grade services I can offer, and I ensure that all of my clients get their money’s worth in part!


How do I do it?

I am always excited to photograph for my clients! My goal as a photographer is to not only capture your special moments but to also tell your story! I will coach you and capture your elegance, emotion, and pureness! You will never regret choosing me for my services! I take my time to find the best place to take pictures, considering the light and the background of the picture! You are never going to feel disappointed in my work, as I make sure I capture every special moment during our session. 

Triana Rose Photography will always be there to capture your special moments and provide you with timeless pictures of you, your friends, and your loved ones! Hire me for your the special & fun lifestyle moments anywhere in the areas of the city and Delray Beach, FL, you will not regret choosing me for your photography needs and requirements!

Lifes Is An Adventure Worth Telling and I can't wait to tell yours!  Call me today!

(561) 376-8868 to set up your appointment with your new favorite wedding/ lifestyle photographer!




''Triana is an awesome photographer and was a pleasure to work with. She did some great anniversary photos for us!
And also some great pics that helped with my
I would highly recommend her!
Great Job!''

- John