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Triana is an up and coming lifestyle & Portrait Photographer based out of South Florida. 

She was born in West Palm Beach Fl. 

At the age of 13 she was living in NJ at the time and discovered her love for photography.

Her desire was inspired by God,  friends and family over the years.

Triana is a self taught photographer who has a had passion for photography and that passion has driven her to where she is today. 

For Triana she desires to photograph artists and people who have may never modeled before coming from a relatable stand point in her own life. She has wanted to challenge herself through her Insecurities and push pass them and hopes she can inspire others like her out there to accept her for who she is, 

 With unique styled shoots she will coach you on posing and she will inspire you to look at yourself in a whole different light. 

If your not into the posed and styled look, she also loves lifestyle and adventure! you can simply just go grab coffee & explore wherever you are! She loves Jesus Christ, people, her family, Coffee,Food, the ocean waves, Music, movies and nostalgia , the art of storytelling through photography and film. These elements are what bring inspiration to her.  


'' Triana doesn't treat people like models, she treats them like people and true friend '' - Bonnie


''Triana Rose is truly a continuing master of her craft. I have had the pleasure of working alongside her and have been inspired by her patient and enduring work ethic and dedication. Which I believe comes from a legacy of passionate craftsman passed down to her by her remarkable family. As she continues on this calling through her divinely appointed gifts as an artist she whole heartedly desires to bring authenticity and beauty to all whom she serves through her art. May she continue to bless the lives of all whom she’s destined to, as she has mine'' - Natalia


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